Forum and BlogTraffic Tips

I have some killer tips for generating traffic from forums and blogs.

Forums are the perfect place to start when finding where your prospects are
congregating. A forum is basically an online community who share a common
interest. The quickest way to find forums in your marketplace is to do a google search
for the following terms
‘your keyword’ + discussion
‘your keyword’ + forum
‘your keyword’ + thread
‘your keyword’ + vbulletin
‘your keyword’ + phpbb
‘your keyword’ + invision
‘your keyword’ + board
‘your keyword’ + view topic

This will give you an absolute plethora of forums in your marketplace to join but make sure the ones you do join are still active. Make sure there have been posts made in the last few days, joining forums that haven’t had any activity since 2006 is a waste of your time.
You can also go to a forum search engine, type your keywords into their search bar and go through all the results.

Two reliable forum search engines are..

Now you have you articles created you have to get them submitted to article
directories. These directories vary in popularity but the some good ones to use are
There are hundreds more out there and if you do a search in google for ‘article
directories’ you will get a lot more showing up and these are popular if they are
ranking well in google. You can also check out this sitewww.


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