Why Are You At Yet Another Sales Page? Is It Because You Havent Found The Secret To Internet Marketing Success Because ALL Those Products You Bought Didnt Work

So Now Your Looking For The Next Secret?

I also know in doing so you have spent a ton of money on things you didnt use or need...not to mention all the spent time at a computer.


All the right pieces of the puzzle have been assembled into one membership site. So you can build an online business quickly and efficently. Below are some of things you get inside the LBS membership site.

  • A Clear Plan To List Building In Video and PDF Formate, Mindmaps and Cheat Sheets
  • A PLR Library - E-Books,Software,Plug-Ins, Full Website w/ Videos .... For Your Free Offer
  • To Help Keep You On Track Monthly Webinars.
  • Over 145 Videos on Traffic Sources, Funnel Making, Website Maintance, and much MORE!

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Hello Fellow Marketers!

My name is Kent Brown or some may know me as IMKBrown. Now I am not going to go on about who am or what I have done, but just so you know that I know what am talking about I have to tell you a little bit about my story.

I started out much like most do with trying to make money from the internet. I spent countless hours hunched over a computer usually late at night after managing a pizza place for 11 hours a day. I even had to buy a few laptops to keep searching for the secret.

I have spent over 9 grand.

That’s a car, thinking about it now!

So fast forward a little bit and it suddenly dawned on me as to why nothing worked. Trying to put together all the pieces of all those puzzles that I bought from all the different marketers.... was to say the least a nightmare.

So the cycle begins again...

I was a sucker... Man after reading the very next well oiled sales page My mind was screaming this is the one ... the one thats going to cut the ties that bind me to that going no where mindless job that only provided a nice comfy life for that bosshole of boss. I couldnt wait to buy it and get it open and only to learn it was some pie in the sky method that I knew in my heart it wasnt any better then the last 10 methods.

In the beginning I asked why you was at yet another sales page to another IM product. I already knew the answer because we both have been in the same postion. Trying to put together those missmatched puzzle pieces. TThis about the time in our marketing career we start thinking about throwning in the towel. Right? 

So I was about to just throw away all that time and money I had put into Internet Marketing when I bumped into a marketer. One that was different. Guru .. yea... but he didn’t act like it. It was what got me excited again. I want to stop for a second and Lets cut to the chase.

Right Now I want to share.... the secret to IM success. Are you ready ...? Better sit down cus this is the secret. There is... not any secret to it. How do think any other business works? Am talking about the ones that work well.

The First thing you probably would say is hard work. Your right. But there is a very important reason. They followed a proven well thought out plan, a system that when put in place and tended to the right way they work .... no matter who is running it.

So there it is. The secret.

What you think? Ok ...Ok.. I know your thinking great ... now what?

Here it is. My offer to you.

I put together a membership site that has everything you need to get started. All the goodies. The systems, plug-ins, your free offers, websites, email series, access to over 145 videos of how to get traffic from all kinds of sources. Videos about how to set up funnels, how to maintain your website. You will have all the puzzle pieces in one place that you need to run an online business.

The second most important component goes back to that guy who became a great friend and business partner. Craig has always been there... when I needed to ask some kind of question or solve a problem or even to just listen to some of the crazy ideas I would get.

This is what I have learned that works. You will have a growing resource like the membership site and you will also have a partner in the business. We will have a group webinar each month highlighting a part of the membership site.

I have put them in an order that will get you up and running a successful internet marketing business the right way and... very quickly. I dont want you to spend anymore of your time or money. I want you to Stop looking for the next big thing. We have it all in the membership site ready for you to Rock Out an Internet Marketing Business. We havent even talked about our FaceBook Group... With all that You will have all the “Secrets” you will need. Join Today!