Landing Page Secrets

Your headline is read 80% more then the body of your post, landing page, of emails. If you think about how you read the paper you know its true. You only read the body if the headline grab you. Proof in the .... Pudin. Here I have given you what took me many years to learn that has helped me get huge open rates and click thru's. I hope you enjoy all the info that is layed out for you below.

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 Landing Page Secrets

Headline Mistake #1: Not Being Clear On Your Avatar



By far the biggest mistake I see is that many people are not clear about WHO they are targeting.

When you’re not clear who your target is, how can you possibly craft a message that will resonate with them?

A good landing page clearly communicates to your visitor why they need to pay attention to your message, and what they’ll get in return for entering their email.

Very simple, yet many of the landing pages fail to address these two issues.

As the famous copywriting quote says…

“You need to be able to enter the conversation already going on in your prospect’s head.”

What is that conversation?

When you know who you are talking to, it’s much easier to be able to crawl into their head…

  • Understanding who they are…
  • What their goals and dreams are…
  • What frustrations, struggles, fears, and pains they have…
  • And what they are trying to accomplish.

Knowing all this about your avatar will help you understand what you need to say to connect with them.

For example:

Let’s say you’re targeting network marketers who are interested in growing their business, getting more leads and recruits.

However your page talks about a revolutionary new way to make more money online.

Is that what they’re interested in?

No, it’s not.

It’s incongruent.

Or, let’s say you’re going after people who want to “escape the rat race,” get out of their job, or start an online business, yet your page talks about marketing training on how to get leads without facing rejection.

Is that what they’re interested in?

Again—no, it’s not.

Do you see how that’s incongruent?

It’s not that the message is “bad.”

It’s just a mismatch between what’s going on in their head and what they see on the page.

The result?

They don’t opt-in and your page doesn’t convert.

So the first thing you need to consider before you even start creating your landing page is this:

Who are you talking to and what do they want?

Headline Mistake #2: No Big Promise about What They’ll Get



The minute your prospect lands on your landing page, you only have a few seconds to get them to respond or they’re gone.

This is not the time to talk about your product and how wonderful it is.

It’s time to talk about THEM and what you can do for THEM.

The only question every single one of us (including your prospects) have on our minds when we look at ANY offer is this…

“What’s in it for Me?”

You have to create your page to answer this question quickly.

“What exactly am I going to get if I say “yes” and enter my information in that little opt-in box?”

This is not the time to talk about you or your product.

As a matter of fact, and this may come as a shock to you, your prospect couldn’t care less about you at that moment.

Remember, they only care about what’s in it for them.

Hey look, it’s human nature. You can fight it or roll with it.

(I’m just going to call it “WIIFM” so I don’t have to keep typing it each time.)

Moving on. When you understand exactly who you’re talking to, it becomes easy to create a message to answer the WIIFM question.

Let’s go back to our example of a network marketer.

What do they want?

  • Build a successful network marketing business
  • Recruit people
  • Get overrides
  • Receive awards and recognition
  • Win trips
  • Live the dream

There’s more but that’ll do for now.

Now, what are their fears, pains, and frustrations?

  • Rejection
  • Fear of talking to people
  • Dealing with objections like “is this a pyramid?”
  • People quitting
  • Not able to recruit good quality people

Just looking at these 2 short lists, do you see how you can easily craft a message that resonates with what they think about?

Discover How to Recruit More People and Build a Successful Network Marketing Business without Dealing with Rejection Ever Again

Not the best headline I’ve ever written, but it clearly communicates what they get, right?

It talks to them about getting what they want, without doing the things they don’t want.

It’s that simple.

BTW, here’s how we can instantly make it better with a simple tweak.

By replacing “how to” with “how you can.”

Discover How You Can Recruit More People and Build a Successful Network Marketing Business without Dealing with Rejection Ever Again

See that?

Now how could we make it even better?

By making it more compelling and specific.

Which leads me to…

Headline Mistake #3: Little or No Curiosity



Curiosity is the most important emotion you need to evoke if you want people to respond.

People are curious by nature.

And if your headline and landing page is curiosity provoking, people can’t help but respond.

They have to. It’s human nature. 🙂

And when you couple that with what we just talked about, “self-interest,” answering WIIFM question…BOOM you got a killer headline.

So how can you inject some curiosity into your headline?

By talking about a “secret,” a “loophole,” something “little-known,” or some specific number…

  • 3 little-known secrets
  • A sneaky little-known loophole

Let’s see how we can incorporate it into our headline.

Discover 3 Little-Known Secrets You Can Use to Recruit More People and Build a Successful Network Marketing Business without Dealing with Rejection Ever Again!

Doesn’t this sound a lot more appealing?

If my headline is getting too long and I want to add more benefits and curiosity, then I’ll split it up into a headline and a subheadline (which you can incorporate in your ads) for maximum impact.

Discover a Sneaky Loophole You Can Use to Recruit More People Without Dealing with Rejection Ever Again… 

PLUS… 3 little-known secrets to instantly explode your profits and build a successful network marketing business FAST!

How’s that?

Much more compelling than what we started with, isn’t it?

And if you use it with the right market, people who are interested in recruiting and network marketing, you’ve got a perfect “message to market” match.

So, to wrap this up, all you need to create a great landing page headline is:

  1. Know who your avatar is, who it is you’re talking to, what they want, and what they don’t want.
  2. Make sure you talk about THEM and not you or your product. Answering the “what’s in it for me?” question.
  3. Sprinkle your message with a little curiosity to make it more compelling.

Ain’t nothin’ to it.

Ready to create your own killer landing pages?

As I mentioned at the start, your headline is extremely important and largely responsible for your results.

But a headline alone does not a landing page make.

There are 4 primary components of an effective landing page:

  1. The headline we’ve already discussed, of course, and after your headline hooks them…
  2. The opening engages and sucks them into the story or content in the next few sentences. After the headline, your opening is the second most important element of your landing page. Next…
  3. The payoff is where you deliver “the meat” you promised in the headline and opening. It also happens to be the biggest chunk of your landing page—accounting for 80%, or more, of the content of your landing page. Finally…
  4. The call to action is the shortest of all the sections, yet it’s also the ultimate point of your landing page. After all, you wrote your landing page to generate leads, right?

Unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough room in a single blog post to discuss all these at length. But I got You heading in the right direction!

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