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In this course you will learn every step of the process for creating your email list that will produce income forever!


You've heard it once, you've heard it a million times, the money is in the list. And if you are an online marketer who is looking to establish a foothold in your market, while consistently building your brand and a solid relationship with your market, you'll quickly discover that email marketing is one of the most important aspects to your online marketing.



So, what exactly is email marketing and list building? If you are new to the idea of building massive campaigns and making money with email marketing, here is a quick overview of what it involves and how it can benefit any online business you are involved in: With list building, you are creating squeeze pages (also referred to as opt-in pages) that offer potential subscribers with the option to join your list or newsletter, in exchange for free information such as an ebook, report, course, etc.


Each time a visitor to your squeeze page enters in their name and email address, they are added to your database, and become an active subscriber of your autoresponder. List building allows you to connect with your target audience, and helps facilitate the process of an active subscriber becoming a customer, by giving you the opportunity to direct them to specific products, exploring what your target audience is actively buying, and what kind of products or services they are likely to purchase from you.


Wonderful World Of Email


With email marketing, you take this database compiled of verified leads who have chosen to confirm their request to join your list, and you send out a balanced campaign that features both free content, useful information and helpful resources, with paid advertisements, affiliate marketing products and promotional emails.

When it comes to setting up an email campaign, you can choose between a single opt-in campaign or a double opt-in one. With single opt-in, the prospect only has to enter in their name and email address to be instantly added to your autoresponder, however with a double opt-in requirement, they must confirm their request prior to being added to your list.


This email is sent out automatically by your autoresponder service, it is not something that you need to do manually, so rest assured, setting up a double opt-in email campaign is exceptionally easy to do. Whether you are involved in niche markets or mainstream business, building highly targeted, relevant mailing lists is a critical element in a successful campaign.



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e_mail_lg_clr Check out the numbers in this case study that shows how easy it is to make a good living using email marketing.

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In fact, there is absolutely no way that you will ever be able to cover as much ground, or maximize your exposure as you will if you have the most valuable asset in your marketing arsenal: a targeted list of subscribers. Imagine what it will be like if you could instantly eliminate any requirement for manual marketing, and think about how much money you will save if you never again have to set up PPC marketing campaigns.



List building is not only a cost effective method of building an online business and maximizing profit potential, but it's also the smartest way to minimize the time you spend marketing your business and instead, focus on growing it. Within ListBuildingScience.Com Membership Site, you will discover the insider techniques of building high converting squeeze pages, landing pages and full blown email campaigns that will skyrocket your profitability, and help you establish an online identity as an authority in your market.


 Establishing Relationships With Your List

imagesBKCSGHWK   You'll know how to establish relationships with your subscribers, be able to determine what products are worth promoting, and complete all market research in only minutes. The incredible opportunity that comes from focusing on building relevant mailing lists will literally change the way you do business online, and regardless how little you may know about email marketing, with a copy of the List Building Science Guide, you now have everything you need to join the ranks of the most successful email marketers online.

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