14 Advanced SEO Tips

I have a collection of 14 Advanced SEO tips for You!

This Is A  ListBuildingScience.Com  Master Class

I hope this collection of tips wont confuse you more about SEO. Nothing is guaranteed with SEO but, using some or all of these tips and tricks cant hurt ....right? I have had success using this list and its my master list until Google throws another wrench into the works. Good Luck!!

List Building Shortcut
9 Step To Building Your First Email List of Subscribers...

What I want to do here is give you a comprehensive run down of everything you need to do to build a list from scratch. I know you have watched the videos but this is a hard core list to go by.

Here we go!

1. Get The Right List Building Mindset
What we think about our self-matters a lot. Even when it comes to building a list this also matters.

Here’s what I mean.

I started building my list after I had heard about it for over a year. I did not start because I thought;

a. I was not an expert
b. I did not think I had anything to say to anyone.

Well I was wrong!

If you have the same mindset then read this.

You are an expert.

If you know something that someone else doesn’t then you are an expert to people who don’t.

Please believe me.

Here is a real example...

I don’t have a list of 100 000 subscribers ...I only have a list of over 4000 subscribers in a certain niche ...but with that ... I can still teach others what i know about list building. Especially people who are new to list building and have no list yet.                                                                                           
If you know anything at all or have been online for a while, then you are an expert in something...And trust me you know something that can be beneficial to someone.
Get this mindset thing right.

2. Research And Pick An Evergreen Profitable Niche

A niche is a small group of people interested in a particular thing or a small group of people who have the same problems, interest or goals.
A profitable niche is a niche filled with people who have money to pay to solve a problem or get pleasure.

It is important to pick a profitable niche for list building because if you build a list in a bad niche you will struggle and still make no money.

Here Are 6 Characteristics Of Good Niches For Building A List
a. Evergreen (people will still be interested in it for years to come)
b. People are spending money in the niche already (products and services are in the niche)
c. Heavy competition between sellers
d. Contains products that have recurring payment plans (monthly plans)
e. Lots of products for people to buy
f. High ticket items (products in the $500 to $10 000 range)

So look for a niche that has these characteristics.
Research Your Niche Thoroughly (This is very important)

There’s something very important that many list builders don’t do. Many trainings don’t even talk about it.

I want you to avoid this mistake.
Do your research. GUYS...do your research.

After you pick a niche, go out and research the HELL out of the niche.
Learn everything about it and the subscribers who will be joining you.
Find out why they want the solutions.  

  Find out why they want the solutions.

 How they got the problem they want solved

 Where they hang out online and offline

 Their sex and age

 Location

 Other interests they have

 What they read

 Movies they watch

 Blogs they read

 How they feel

 What they are scared off

EVERYTHING DAMN THING. 😉 Am not joking at all here.

Why do all this?
This will help you know exactly …

 What they want and will value in the emails you will send                            How to talk to them and get them to take action in the emails.                    What offers to make and how to present it                                               Article to write and products to create                                                        Their hot buttons 

How do you do this?
Look for forums where the hang out and read questions they ask                Join Facebook groups where the hang out and listen to them                      Read reviews of books they read on Amazon and take note of what they like and hate                                                                                                    Read magazines they read and get info                                                       Read blogs the read and get information                                                   Talk to real person via email , phone or Skype in the niche and get information

List builders who do are usually ahead of others.

Do it. NOW!

You can do this as you start your list building efforts.

3. Get An Autoresponder /Email Marketing Service

This is the most important tool for building a list. Without it you cannot collect emails addresses, manage and send emails to your subscribers. E-mail marketing services provide you with sign up forms that you can place anyway online for building your list.

There are many email marketing services. My main source of tools that use is from a company called Global NPN. You can check out their tool suite here.
I use Aweber as a second source for my AR needs.

Many others use GetResponse.

You can use anyone but...for your own sake don’t use free auto responders. And ...Yes if you are in the internet marketing niche or plan to send affiliate offers to your list… don’t use MailChimp.

Trust me on that.
MailChimp kicked my ass because I was in IM. 😉

4. Build A Lead Magnet (FREE Offer)

This is what you give people who opt into your list. There are many ways to create one. Free offers can be anything you give away for free that your subscribers will be interested in.

It has to be something of value.
Something that solves a pressing problem they have.

Another important thing is ….give away something your subscribers want. It has to be something that solves a problem they have.

It could be:
a. E-books
b. Video courses
c. Audio courses
d. Software
e. Data of any kind

And so on.

One Way To Know What They Want So You Can Create It.

Research your market or niche thoroughly and know exactly what they want. Join a forum where they hang out and study all the questions they ask.
Join Facebook groups where your target market hang out and study all they are saying.
Find out their pain.
Their goals, their fears and everything you can find out.

This will help you create a valuable freebie…and will help you know how to talk and market to your list after they opt in.

With research, you will know the words to use to market them, products ideas and offers you can make.

Here are some simple ways to create free offers. Plus ways to create offers even if you know nothing about the niche.

A. Write a simple 10 page report solving a problem in the niche you are in
B. Hire an expert on Odesk or other outsourcing websites to do it for you
C. Pick 5 high quality articles on your blog and make a report with it
D. Send interview questions to an expert, use the answers to create a report
E. Interview an expert and create an audio or video product to give out
F. Record your voice discussing an important issue in your niche. Give that audio product as an optin freebie
G. Record your screen while you explain something important. Turn the video product to a giveaway gift
H. Buy high quality PLR and use it as a giveaway for subscribers (This is where I buy high quality PLR products)
I. Get 3 high quality articles in your niche from EzineArticles.com and create a free report (Keep the resource box intact if you go this route)
J. Bundle a number of free offers to give away (this increases the value of your free offer)

 How To Get An Ethical Bribe Done For You By An Expert For FREE

Just send an e-mail to a well-established product owner in your niche whose product or service you intend to promote to your list. Head to ClickBank and find product owners.
Tell the person (or affiliate manager) via e-mail that you would love to promote their program or product but don’t have an opt-in resource for bribing subscribers to get on your list.
You will likely get a reply with instructions of what to do to get these materials at no cost.
(This is a super tip don’t mess with it).
This may come in the form of a brandable PDF software.
Download it and use it to create a high quality freebie with your affiliate links. 😉
When this is given to you …you can have a kick ass squeeze page headline like…
Certified Expert Reveals…
How He Did ……….. In….Days, without ……… ….
Fill in the blank space with the details of what he or she did.
Now…place this free offer on your website or somewhere online.
You can use FileZilla or any other FTP tool to place it on a directory on your web host …or you can even place it on free file hosting services like DropBox.
Watch this video to see what I mean.
Video explaining FTP and how to upload files to your web host using Filezilla. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eEOX5yCsZc
5. Create a Squeeze Page
This is a one page website with the job of collecting the e-mail address of subscribers.
Essentially, a squeeze page should have a headline, a call to action and a signup form.
The signup from is gotten from the email marketing service you use, while the headline and call to action will be on the squeeze page.
You can create a squeeze page using squeeze page creation tools or a simple html authoring tool.
Here are a few guidelines to follow when building a squeeze page.
a. Have a benefit driven and specific headline
b. Have the signup form above the fold
c. Have a call to action
(These are just guidelines. You need to test them to see the one that works well in your niche. You can use only some of them.)
But you must have a headline, a call to action and an optin form.
If you have a blog already, you can have a squeeze page on another directory on the blog.
For example if you blog is MyBlog.com you can have a squeeze page on
Or you can just build the squeeze page using html tools and then upload it to your server using FTP.
To create squeeze pages, you can use an html tool or other tools that work with WordPress. I use 2 tools.
See a video that shows what to do - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GhHZ6WiEm8
I have added an html template for you to use as part of this course. 🙂
Edit it and use if you prefer it.
If you have some money to invest, use this tool.
a. Funnel Kit: this is a very cool WordPress tool for creating squeeze pages and landing pages. I strongly recommend it.
UPDATE- I now recommend and use LandingPageMonkey because you don’t need a domain name or website to use the tool.
They host it for you free.
Don’t forget your squeeze page is usually a set of 3 pages.
a. The Main Squeeze Page
This is where you advertise your free offer with the signup form.
b. The Redirect Page
This is the first page the subscriber sees after signing up. On this page you inform subscribers that you have sent the gift to their email.
After that, the page redirects after a predetermine time, usually a few seconds, to another page where your OTO (one time offer) is found.
The OTO could be your own product or an affiliate product.
Just make sure the OTO…is almost the same or closely related to the free product you are giving away.
c. Download page (or thank you page)
This is a page with the free gift.
I usually send this page as a link in the first email my subscribers get.
You need these pages so you can customize your message and market to subscribers when they sign up.
If you are still confused about this, I found this little YouTube video that explains it in details.
If you have a blog, you can create a secret page as your thank you page.
You can also use a simple html page as your download page too.
The redirect page is usually an html page.
How to create a squeeze page with NVU
(Found here http://www.nvu.com/)
Watch this YouTube video to see how to create or edit these pages.
6. Connect Squeeze Page, Auto-responder And Download Page
After setting up the squeeze page, lead magnet and selecting your email marketing service, it’s time to connect them together. This is what you need to do:
a. Set up the list on GetResponse (or whatever you use) and copy the sign up form from the email marketing service
b. Place the signup form on the squeeze page (usually HTML Codes)
c. place a link to the redirect page uploaded to your web host account
d. place the link to the download page you have created on your site
Remember, the download page is the page that will have a link to the free offer. Upload the free offer to your website and link to it on this page.
If you have not done this before, it may sound confusing.
It’s quite easy.
I have added some PDF files with pictures to explain this better.
Check the bonus folder.
7. Write 7 Follow Up Emails (Relationship Building)
You need to write at least 7 follow-up emails your subscribers will get when they signup.
Space these e-mails a day apart. Use it to build a relationship with your list.
Why all this?…You see, people buy from people they like and trust.
The whole goal of building a relationship with your list …is to get them to like and trust you.
Since you won’t see your subscribers physically, your email will build a relationship with them.
The first 7 emails are critical for achieving this.
The first email should introduce you and tell the subscribers what to expect. The next six emails should be used to build relationship.
These Follow up emails should be valuable and contain information subscriber’s sign up for.
It could be emails linking to articles you have published on a blog or links to free information on YouTube channel or other resources online.
The first 7 emails should stamp your name on the minds of your subscribers. It should start a relationship with them.
Like they say ...the money is in the relationship with list.
All of this should be done systematically.
You research will help you here.
Frankly Email marketing is training on its own…start building your list, then get good at email marketing.

8. Build Traffic To Squeeze Page
After setting you squeezes page, your autoresponders emails and other pages the next thing to do is drive traffic to the squeeze page.
Generally there are 2 ways to drive traffic to any website- free and paid methods.
Free Methods;
a. Guest blogging (write articles on other people’s blog)
b. Article marketing (write articles on ezinearticles.com and other similar sites)
c. Video marketing (publish videos on YouTube and link to your squeeze page in the description)
And others.
These are ways to build a list using paid methods:
a. P.P.C. (pay search engines and ad networks to send traffic to your squeeze page)
b. Soloads (pay other list owners to mail link to your squeeze page)
c. Banner advertising (pay other websites owners money to place banners on their websites for a fee)
These are just a few to get started with.
The fastest way to build an email list is using a paid means called solo ads.
I love banner advertisement on forums and blogs.
I have added bonus materials revealing step-by-step how to really build a list with guest blogging.
9. Make Money With Your List
This is the last part of the whole list building thing.
It’s the goal of the whole process.
Making money with your e-mail list starts with building a relationship and building the right sales funnel.
A sales funnel simply means what you plan to sell to your subscribers from time to time. Which are usually products and services that will help them achieve their overall goal.
It is how you intend make money from your subscribers.
What you will offer to them to buy from you.
Usually, it first starts with the paid offer (sometimes called OTO –One Time Offers) you have on the thank you page or download page.
Or the offer a subscriber sees after the redirect page.

The after this, to make money with a list, you need to send emails about paid offers to your subscribers.
Stuff they will buy to get the solution they want.
This could be your own products and services or products /services made by others that you can get paid commissions.
Now before you can really get people to buy from you, you need to first get them to know, trust and like you.
You do this by building a relationship with your list first.
By showing them you truly care about them and their goals.
This is done by listening to them and giving them a lot of value first in the form of free and valuable information.
After you have built this relationship, you can easily send an email about offers and they will respond with their money.
It is important not to only send emails about paid offers to your list , you need to mix it up. Free offers and information and paid offers.
Mix them up.
Send them free information about WHAT they need to do...then have links to offers that shows them HOW to do stuff you recommend.

Some Other General Advice About List
a. Stick To One Niche
Don’t make the mistake of trying to build a list in 2 ,3 ,5 niches all at ones. Now although this is possible, doing it means you will not be focused enough to put all your resources in one niche.
Pick the best niche you like and focus on it for years.
You can always build a list in other niches after you succeed well in one.
b. Pick A Good Autoresponder
Just forget free email marketing services and pick one that will work for years. Even MailChimp can be trouble if you are in the internet marketing niche.
Use GetResponse or Aweber...or any other good paid one.
c. Start Now
I have not seen any internet marketer that has not confessed that he or she started list building late. You see, the longer you wait the more time you waste and delay in building one of the best assets you can have online.
Frequently Asked List Building
Questions Answered.
1. What Content Do You Send Your Subscribers?
Firstly, you need to send subscribers information they signed up for.
The freebie you gave them on the squeeze page should align with content you give them after that via email too.
Your content should help them solve a problem or achieve their goals.
But…don’t forget …you are not building a list just to send content.
You are building a list so you can make sales ….while helping people at the same time.
So whatever content you send should also build a relationship with your subscribers…and promote products and services that will make you money.
This must be done systematically.
Your content should be sent to subscribers in a systematical way that builds a relationship, gives them value and the same time make you sales.
2. Where Do You Find Content To Send My Email List?
Here are the different places you can get content to send your list.
a. From your experience and knowledge b. Hire someone to write content c. Buy PLR and reuse d. Other people’s blogs and website. (place a link to the blog post or article in the email) e. YouTube videos (place a link to video in the email) f. Audio files from other people (place a link to audios files on Sound Cloud and other podcast sites) 3. How Do You Send Content If You Are Not A Pro In The Niche?
You can use the methods I mentioned above…by positioning yourself as a curator to your list.
So you can inform your list from day one …that you will send them any article or resource that you find can help them.
People don’t care where you really get content …as long as the content will help them.
So don’t worry so much about whether you are pro or whether you have knowledge.
You can write emails and send subscribers to an article or any resource from anywhere online.
As long as the information helps them…they are fine.
You can think yourself as a Huffington Post to your subscribers. 😉
4. How Do You Start?
Start by picking a niche. Then follow all the steps I discussed in this ebook.
Don’t worry about getting everything right.
Read this guide then just go out and start building your list.
Solve the problems as the come.
Don’t wait to get everything right.
5. What Kind Of Traffic Is Good For List Building And Why?
There are many ways to build traffic for list building.
You can use free and paid ways.
All these methods do work…but the best traffic source for list building depends of many things.
It depends on your niche and
You can master any a particular system for driving traffic…and make it your best way to get traffic.
Generally speaking, paid methods drive traffic faster; hence will help you build a list faster.
Your job is to pick one of the traffic generation methods and master it.
Proven Free Ways To Drive Traffic And Build A List.
a. Guest blogging b. Forum marketing c. Article marketing d. YouTube Video Marketing e. Social media Marketing
Paid Methods To Drive Traffic And Build A List
a. Solo ads b. PPC -pay per click ads (Facebook, Google Adwords , Bing, and others) c. Banner advertisement (media buying) d. PPV -pay per view ( e. YouTube Advertisement
Don’t try to them all.
Get premium training on 1 or 2 methods listed above, get to work and master it.
6. What Are The Best Freeways For Building A List?
The best free methods for building a list are:
a. Guest blogging b. Forum marketing c. Article marketing d. YouTube Video Marketing e. Social media Marketing
There are many more strategies …but you need to pick one and concentrate on it till you succeed.
For more ways to build traffic …check this out
Click here…. https://www.warriorplus.com/o2/a/cw108/0

7. Is The “Churn & Burn" Method Of List Building Better Than
Building A Relationship With Your List?
Before I answer that, I will define what “churn and burn” list means.
A churn and burn list…is when a marketer builds a list of subscribers and all he or she does is send emails about different things to buy…without care for the subscribers… without really trying to help the subscribers.
Building a relationship with your list…entails getting to really know your subscribers and getting them to really trust you…before you send emails to them about things to buy.
And you are not just pushing products to your subscribers to buy…but actually helping them genuinely.
Here the thing.
The churn and burn approach works…for the short term.
When all you do is send an email to subscribers about what to buy …without really genuinely helping them, without any value…you will lose their trust and after a while they delete you, ignore you…or completely unsubscribe.
It is hard to have happy repeat buyers who stick with you for a long time …if you are a churn and burn list builder.
Subscriber come in, buy stuff for a few months….then they realize you only want to sell them ..Without helping them…so they ignore you.
This is what makes some people have unresponsive emails list.
The subscribers grow cold because the list builder does not give them real value.
This is what churn and burn does.
The opposite approach gives long term success.
Think about it.
If someone comes to you and only pushed a product for you to buy…and the other person actually helps you, gives you information …and later recommends helpful products to you.
Who would you come to trust and like in the long run?
Who will you stay subscribed to?
If someone comes to you and actively asks about your needs …and helps you freely…then recommends products and services that actually helps you…how you would feel about the person.
Take a look at your email box. Whose email do you always open?
Is it the guy who helps you or the guy who is always trying to marketing you something?
The answer is clear.
Churn and burn…is a desperate shirt term approach that kills your list.
Building a relationship first , giving value , helping subscribers …and systematically doing to sell high quality products and services …is the best long term approach I recommend for you.
8. Can One Sell In Every Email After Building An Email List?
Short answer...YES 😉
You see, there are many ways to market with email.
There are markets with lots of products that can help subscribers.
And you can sell in each email without using the churn and burn method ….
So how can one sell in all emails without churning and burning your list?
Well, I am subscribed to a marketer who uses this approach.
He divides his email into 2 parts.
One part is for the valuable content (a story, lesson or article) …and the other part is the offer he is making.
The trick is…he ties the valuable content to the offer he is making.
And he does this every week.
Each week he promotes 1 or 2 products…but always gives valuable content that aligns with the product he promotes.
And it’s very effective …because I open all his emails and buy some stuff he recommends.
There are many other email marketing approaches you can use.
Study the email marketing works of …
 Andre Chaperon  Ben Settle  Sean Mize

9. What Do I Offer On My Thank You Page After Successful Subscriber?
And How Does A "Good Thank You Page" Look?
First, make sure whatever you offer on your thank you page is tied to free offer you made on the squeeze page.
The offer on the thank you place MUST be very related to the free offer.
This is important.
For example.
If free offer is 30 Ways To Make Money Online… If you offer them something about Affiliate Marketing or List Building…you will not get a great conversion.
This mistake took me so long to correct.
If someone downloads something about A, make sure you offer something still very related to A.
In the above example, it is better to offer something that says …How To Make $100 Daily Online.
If someone downloads something on Paleo Diets…on your download page, place an offer about Paleo Recipes …or a monthly continuity program on Paleo Recipes.
Just make sure the free offer matches with the paid offers on the download page.
Now, how to you format and arrange the download page with all these offers.
Here is one method I use.
Arrange the offers/ or the actions you want the visitor to do in steps.
Each step is an instruction /recommendation to the visitor.
By the way, you can use any tool to create a download page.
Like any Html authoring tool, WordPress plugins and themes like FunnelKit.
You don’t need to build anything super fancy.
Just have a plain page without sidebars (unless you absolutely need it for a purpose).
Make the page hard to be indexed on the web.
For simple html pages, you can easily do this with meta tags.
Here is a good worded example of what to do.
Thank you for signing up.
Please before you download your free gift, read the page and take the steps listed below.
Step 1
Click the link below to get access to a premium training showing how to do ……………………………..
Click here to start get started
Step 2
Click the link below to get access to a premium training showing how to do ……………………………..
Click here to start get started
Step 3
Download your free offer.
Click the link below to download your free gift.
Step 4
Click the link below to get access to a premium training showing how to do ……………………………..
Click here to start get started
This download page format above can be used for squeeze pages and paid offers.
10. How Do I Schedule My Follow Up Messages? How Many Days
Ahead Before Offer Affiliate Link?
It is important to follow up after people subscribe so they don’t forget who you.
The first 3-7 days should be daily emails.
The first 7 emails will get the subscriber to know and remember you.
You can set up a quick series of auto responder emails to get this done.
After that you can schedule emails to be 2 days apart.
You are not limited in anyway with the number of emails you can queue up in your autoresponder.
You can 100 emails queued up.
But all these should be done systematically so you can automatically promote your products and services and affiliate products …on autopilot.
I have added some bonus audio course on email marketing.
Please go and listed to it after reading this.
When To Place Affiliate Links?
First, there are no rules here.You can do it from day one.
You can place affiliate link on OTO, download page…and even in the first email.
All depends on how you present it…and the niche.
Here Is Simple Email Trick.
You can create an email template with links to affiliate offers already placed in it.
So with this, even if you don’t directly promote an offer, those links can still be clicked by subscribers.
Signature links are usually at the bottom of emails. Generally it depends on your niche.
If you are in a desperate niche where people NEED solutions right now…the earlier you drop a link, the better for them.
As long as you are adding value to people’s lives, they will be happy….even if it means clicking an affiliate link to purchase something.
But it must be done systematically…that’s why I recommend you get an email marketing course by Sean Mize or the other guys I recommend.
11. How Fast Will I Start Earning Money From List Building?
You can make money from list building from day one.
You just have to do the right things.
You need to pick the right hungry niche of people and set up the right offer in front of them.
There are other details to look into …but that’s just the basic thing.
If you build of list of subscribers by giving a free offer on a squeeze page and you make them the right offer on the OTO, you can make sales …the same day.
It works and can be done.
And with your follow up emails, you will make more sales from other subscribers who don’t buy immediately after they subscribe.
Just target the right set of people and place the right offer in front of them and you will surely make sales

I hope this helps with your SEO project!


Looking Forward To Your Success!




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