FaceBook 2.0 - Part 1

Just A Note ... Facebook has changed in some areas. Use the following info for a base, a place to start.  I am putting together an updated version as soon as possible. Facebook is very fluid... meaning they change at will. If you have an questions at all just ask me. Get a hold of me on Facebook! or send an email. Psssst Facebook is fastest way!

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1. Intro To Facebook 2.0

2. What Is Facebook Marketing Albout ?

3. Why Use Facebook Marketing ?

4. How To Get The Most From Facebook

5. What Are Facebook Groups ?

6. What Are Facebook APPs ?


Get ready for more big changes to Facebook

The social media company announced several new products and features that will launch on its platform soon -- all are designed to make it easier for you to communicate with people and businesses.

Facebook Update #1: More Ways To Drive Offline Outcomes

Good news! The first Facebook update on our list improves tracking and targeting! Facebook targeting and tracking are getting better and better: people-based measurements, in combination with the pixel and the possibility to create lots of different types of custom audiences, are offering advertisers a whole set of detailed information and insights about audiences and their actions.

Facebook updates October - drive Offline Outcomes

However, marketers who consider the online presence as a fundamental element of their business, are also aware of the importance of measuring the impact of their campaigns on offline purchases, including in-store sales and phone bookings.

Reach Customers Who Purchased Offline

Advertisers can now create custom audiences from their offline conversion events sets including people who have previously purchased offline. Dynamically re-engaging with customers based on their “offline” actions is really important and will give you a range of new possibilities and more detailed (and, especially, more complete!) insights about your campaigns!

Facebook updates October - custom audience

Reach Customers Who Visited Your Store

As we mentioned, the only online presence is not enough sometimes, and this is why driving “foot” traffic to store locations remains a priority in most cases.

Store visits objective has an important role here, it can be used and refined in combination with people enabling geolocation services on their devices.

The creation of custom and lookalike audiences will be available for this type of action as well, this means that advertisers will be able to create more relevant contents for their audience!

What can I do to help advertisers and to improve the quality and relevance of the ads I see on Facebook? Use your “Ads Preferences” section!

Facebook updates October - ad preferences

If you feel like reading some more, here’s what Facebook says about Offline actions tracking

Facebook Update #2: Message Objectives for Facebook Ads

If you wish to directly open conversations with your customers, Facebook just rolled out the new Messages objective.

This new feature will be perfect, especially if used in combination with click to Messenger ads, to generate leads, offer support, answer questions and drive transactions!

Fb Ads October Update - New Message Objective

Ads will be optimized for “replies”, therefore delivered to people who are more likely to start a conversation with you!

Fb Ads Updates October - new optimization

Facebook Update #3: Customize Your Thank You Screen

We all know how powerful lead ads can be for your business, and Facebook knows this as well, in fact it’s rolling out some improvements we’re really thrilled to try out!

Not being able to customize the Thank you screen of your form, certainly was a (minor) pain, plus, it probably led your customers -or potential customers- to think that visiting your website after submitting the form was not so important. Or not knowing at all that the item could have been downloaded directly without waiting for a confirmation email! Also, the use of a CRM was basically requested in order to deliver the content.

From now on, instead, you will be able to customize your Thank you screen with a headline, a description and a button (view website/download) and this sounds really great!

Let’s see the two options below:

  1. View Website button
  2. Download button

For the moment, there’s no big difference between the two buttons, since they both require a URL. This means that, even with the “Download” one, the user is redirected to your website in order to download the content.

Anyway, I still consider this as a big improvement that will help marketers during their journey!

Facebook Update #4: New And Improved Canvas Templates

Since mobile has become the first feed in terms of usage, Facebook is always encouraging advertisers to create awesome contents to address to their audiences. And Canvas is the perfect feature to tell stories.

This is why they are striving to improve Canvas, as it offers the possibility to create an immersive experience using collection ads, aiming to guide customers through the discovery of new products, especially using lifestyle images+tags.

People and places are a great context in which you can insert your product, in order to create a stronger and more meaningful branded experience.

Facebook Updates October - Canvas

Templates will simplify the ad creation process, always aiming to three main objectives:

  1. Acquiring new customers
  2. Showcasing a business
  3. Selling products

facebook update for marketers in october 2017

Facebook Update #5: New Custom Audience Options

This Facebook update is still not available to everyone as it’s still in the beta stage, but soon you will be able to have two more Engagement Custom audience options!

  1. Dwell time: this custom audience type will allow you to retarget users who have spent time on your ads (both on Facebook and Instagram) without taking any actions.
    This function would be of great help for advertiser, since it can provide you with more retargeting possibilities: e.g. let’s suppose a user spends few seconds on your ad and then scrolls down the feed, this could mean that this user needs more info on your business or your product, and you will be able to provide the user with more accurate and customized retargeting ads!
  2. Link sharing: differently from the dwell time option, this feature will allow you to re-engage with people who took a real action on your ads (specifically, they shared it).
    Sharing is one really powerful action, as we generally share contents that we truly appreciate, trust, enjoy, in order to let our friends know and discover the same contents.

Facebook Updates October new custom audiences

Curb your enthusiasm tho 🙁 This feature would be super awesome but Facebook is not rolling out it anytime soon. It was worth mentioning this anyway, or not?

Facebook Update #6: Event Interaction Custom Audiences

What we are understanding so far is that Facebook is really empowering engagement custom audiences, so maybe we’re not wrong if we suppose they will be rolling out the link sharing and dwell time options ASAP.

Instead, event interaction custom audiences are a real thing and they are awesome!

What was difficult to measure, when we’re referring to event promotion campaigns, was the real impact of our adverts: will people attend? Will my event be empty?

We all know (and we all did this at least once!) that people tend to respond to a Facebook event even if they’re not sure they will be attending it or not. Being able to retarget these people with more relevant and attractive contents may definitely increase the chance of users recalling you and your event!

Fb Ads updates October - Event interaction custom audiences

You are now able to choose from different options, based on the users’ actions on your event, let’s see them!

Facebook Update #7: Fundraisers

Facebook is a great platform which offers a lot of opportunities, especially aiming to connect people. We also know how much Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan care about charity and charitable causes.

Fundraisers gives you the possibility to help supporting the causes you care about, connecting with charitable organizations all over the world!

On your Facebook, Fundraisers can be found here, while this page is dedicated to all its features and how to use it in the best way.

Fb Ads Updates October - Fundraisers

On the same page, you can also find all the categories that you can support:

Fb Ads Updates October - Fundraisers Categories

Facebook October Updates: A Quick Summary


In case you missed the previous Facebook updates, just scroll down to catch up!

Top Facebook Updates – September 2017 Edition

 Without further ado, let’s examine one by one these 10 Facebook updates for September 2017.

1. Facebook is retiring rarely used boosted post types

Boosting Facebook posts is a quick and simple way for you to get lots of exposure for your content. When you post something on your Facebook page, you’ll see the blue button that appears at the bottom of the post. When you click it, you have the option to promote the post to specific users.

To help you meet your advertising goals and get users engaged, Facebook has refined the type of posts you can boost. This means, boost types that are rarely used or don’t result in much response from users will be removed.

These are the types of boosts Facebook is removing:

  • Shares of products from shops
  • Page sharing a shop, then boosting the story
  • Check-ins on a map, at a restaurant, or in a city
  • Note sharing
  • Poll sharing
  • Place recommendations
  • Cultural moment shares
  • Comment shares
  • Profile picture changes
  • File uploads or shares
  • Sports events
  • Videos or images uploaded through the Facebook camera
  • Posts related to attending an event
  • Video playlist shares
  • The status of watching a television show, movie, or other types of programming
  • Sharing an already sponsored post that is an app posting to a Page’s timeline, then boosting that story
  • Political endorsements

If you’re using any of these types right now, you have until September 29 to update to a different type.

2. New controls and capabilities for branded content marketers

By partnering with trusted influencers and content creators, you, as an advertiser or marketer have more options to get your product in front of your target audience. To enhance the current features that help you connect with influencers, Facebook has introduced two new features.

Boost posts by creators other than you

You don’t have to post content from other creators anymore, in order to boost and share it with your audience. Now you can do it directly. When creators you’ve partnered with create content and click on “Allow business partner to boost post,” they give you permission to boost the post directly. Your audience sees where it came from but also see that you boosted it.

Control where you appear in branded content tags

As a marketer, now you can control where creators you partner with tag you. In the branded content view of your Page Insights, Facebook has added more information to make it easier to:

  • Understand things like CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions), total spend and how effective reach and engagement are in places you’re tagged.
  • See how much you and the creator have spent on each post. The view also gives you separate CPM summaries for you and creators.

Combined, these new updates give you more insights into how well promotion is going and what you can do to improve your outreach.

3. Updates to in-stream video placements

Video ads are a great way for you to grab the attention of people already watching videos on Facebook. These short clips are highly targeted so you can be sure that the right people see your ad at the right time.

In the past, these clips appeared in News Feed or in-stream during videos. Now, Facebook has given advertisers more control over where these ads appear. This means you can use in-stream placements in videos on Facebook, on Audience Network or in both.

This lets you target ads on Facebook even more and get exposure since publishers creating video content already target their videos to specific groups. With in-stream video ads on Audience Network, your ads can be placed pre-roll and mid-roll on specific apps and websites.

When you’re clear on who your target audience is, in-stream video ads have the power boost engagement. Facebook points out that 70% of in-stream videos on Facebook and Audience Network are watched from start to finish. This added control means that more than ever before, you can manage how customers experience your ads.

4. Facebook is rolling out rounded page profile pictures

Facebook started rolling out rounded profile pics in August, but the update is now more widespread. The reason for the change? Facebook wants to make page profiles look more engaging.

You can see the new update in your News Feed and on page Timelines. User and page profile pictures — the thumbnails — there are now round instead of square. The large profile picture on the page cover will still be square.

A comment from Facebook about the change reads, “We’re always working to make Facebook a more engaging place, and we hope this change leads to more conversations with the people you want to reach. We’ve been testing design updates in News Feed and have seen encouraging results and feedback from this design update.”

To make your brand stand out using this update, choose bright, lively colors like yellow or red. They catch customer attention and give your product an energetic and exciting feel. To highlight your loyalty to clients and the trust they can have in you, choose blue hues. If you’re using an image, crop it as closely as possible so that it’s clear and easy to recognize.

5. Facebook is testing putting Instagram stories on its platform

You might recall that not too long ago Facebook launched its version of Stories on its desktop platform. Users can make slideshows with pictures and video to share with friends before the Stories disappear a day later.

As users continue to try out that feature, Facebook is testing a new enhancement that incorporates Stories from Instagram. The latest version lets users post stories on Instagram and Facebook.

Remember, Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, so that’s why this move makes sense. By letting Instagram’s 250 million daily active users post on both platforms, Facebook is ensuring maximum content exposure.

While they test this feature, only a small group of users have access to it for now.

6. Facebook is testing a new chat feature in WhatsApp

Facebook bought WhatsApp back in 2014 and just started testing a new feature that will let businesses talk directly with customers through the messaging app.

Right now, businesses that have been reviewed and approved to use the service show a green check mark next to their name.

Even though the messaging service is free to use right now, Chief Operating Officer Matt Idema explains that “We do intend on charging businesses in the future.” Facebook is looking at its global competitors and using them as a starting point for how to deliver better-messaging features to users. Introducing ads is just one way they’re exploring to drive growth.

The goal is to make both of their messaging apps, WhatsApp and Messenger, avenues to grow sales. This means more opportunities for advertisers to show ads to a larger pool of customers. Ads are already visible on Messenger so adding them to WhatsApp means more opportunities for businesses to grow using Facebook’s suite of products.

7. Facebook has launched a new open ecosystem for AI Frameworks

Facebook has partnered with Microsoft to launch a new Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) format. With so many AI framework tools available, this initiative is meant to make it easier for developers to choose and combine tools that work best for their projects.

When developers, engineers, and researchers start a project, they have to choose a framework — or toolkit — to work with. It’s usually one that lets them build based on that phase of the project. However, there isn’t an easy way to transfer information from one framework to another as the project progresses and their needs change.

It’s kind of like building a house. Using a hammer and nails are helpful when you’re framing the house but not so great when you have to paint it. You need new tools for the next phase of the build. ONNX bridges that gap and makes working with different frameworks — at different points in a project — easier.

A few frameworks, like Caffe2, PyTorch, and Cognitive Toolkit, already support and integrate with ONNX.

The idea is that going forward, innovation and deployment will happen faster without the headache of being stuck using one framework indefinitely.

8. Facebook has updated Ads Manager

Facebook has updated Ads Manager to help marketers create and manage ads better. To do that, they’ve combined Power Editor with Ads Manager.

There’s now a new workflow that lets you create a draft campaign of your ad before adding in ad sets and ads. It gives you more control over your creative process because now you don’t have to follow a particular workflow anymore.

Also added is the ability to review and confirm every change you make in your ads. This ensures that the final ad you post meets your expectations without anything extra added or removed.

Finally, you’ll notice that the charts and activity history from Power Editor have been integrated with Ads Manager. It’s now a one-stop shop for all of your ad needs; there isn’t any necessity to jump between multiple platforms to get the information and insights you want.

In addition to the updates in Ads Manager, Facebook has built a “pay to play” platform that encourages companies to promote their posts and pay for their ads in order to get exposure and get a return on the work they put in. This means that exposure isn’t based on how well you can use the platform but instead based on how much you pay.

The ad algorithm has been updated to emphasize this. An example is using paid content to maximize reach through ranking. When Facebook ranks this content, it’s based on the bid and relevancy score. The higher the relevancy score, the better the ad exposure. It’s a combination of user engagement and feedback.

Since ranking isn’t based on a per post basis, the algorithm looks at all campaigns combined to come up with a rank. The better each campaign performs, the better your overall exposure when they’re combined.

9. Facebook is helping friends build stronger connections

Of course, Facebook isn’t all about ads and marketing; it’s a social network after all. Facebook is making a big push to get friends to connect and engage with each other more. They’ve launched a few new features to help users get started. Here’s a look at what’s new.

They help users make more friends

Right now, Facebook has a “People you may know” feature that lists people linked to your current friends. The idea is to offer up new friend suggestions based on people likely to be in the same social circle. However, the list only shows how many mutual friends you have between you.

The new feature goes further. When you click on a profile, you see a lot more information — like events that you’ve both attended, pages you both like and places you’ve both worked or lived. Instead of just telling you that you have friends in common, it highlights experiences you have in common. If users decide to add new friends based on this information, it gives them a place to start their conversation.

The point of the new feature is to help users get to know potential new friends better before sending a friend request.

Here’s how to access and use the new feature:

  • In the mobile app or online, click on “Discover People” in the explore section.
  • Peruse a list of potential new connections based on the “Friends of Friends” filter.
  • Send a friend request, a message or wave hello.

The Discover People feature launched earlier this year to help you find new connections. The difference with the newest enhancement is that it’s based on people who are already tied to your circle of friends. Before that, meeting new people was based on your mutual interest in the same events.

They’re testing a new meetup feature to connect friends

Facebook’s business is built on online social networking. But because there’s still a ton of real-life interactions happening, they’ve set out to help people make more of these kinds of connections.

They’re currently testing a new feature on the mobile app where they suggest friends for users to meetup with offline. Right now only a small group of users in Toronto and New Zealand have access to try it out.

Here’s how it works:

  • A notification appears in the Facebook app with a list of friends users can choose from.
  • Users can ignore or decline the invite or agree to meet up. Their response is private unless both people say yes.
  • To help users who say yes make plans, a new conversation thread automatically starts in Messenger.

When asked about the new feature, a spokesperson said, “People often use Facebook to make plans with their friends, so, we’re running a very small test in the Facebook app to make that easier. We look forward to hearing people’s feedback.”

It’s a proactive approach to getting people to connect with friends. Instead of waiting for friends to reach out, Facebook takes the first step and gets the conversation started. It seamlessly blends two apps while people who might not ordinarily meet up get a chance to strengthen their connections.

They’re testing color comments

It wasn’t that long ago that Facebook rolled out color status backgrounds. You’ve probably seen the brightly colored status updates set against bold white text. This was launched in an effort to make News Feeds look more engaging and attention-grabbing.

Well, now Facebook has taken that idea and started to test a new feature that incorporates color and comments.

A spokesperson explained, “We’re always exploring new ways for people to connect and have conversations, so we are testing new features on comments.”

The new feature isn’t available to everyone just yet, and for those who have access, it’s only on mobile. Even though it isn’t widely available yet, it might be better suited for some demographics or regions that prefer vivid designs.

There’s a new dedicated section for Movies

This is another expanded feature that Facebook has started to slowly roll out to mobile users. There will be an updated ”Movie” section available in the main navigation. Based on user location, it shows information such as what movies are playing, where they’re playing and current showtimes. Instead of visiting multiple Facebook pages for movies, everything is available to see on one page.

But it’s not about looking at what’s available; users can also buy tickets for more movies using this feature. Facebook partnered with ticket vendors Fandango and Atom Tickets to help with transactions. But back when this feature first launched, there were only a handful of movies available.

Fandango’s president, Paul Yanover, explains that this update is great for users because friends can now connect differently. If they see friends want to see the same movies they do, users can reach out and suggest seeing the movie together.

10. Facebook is compensating for the recent flood of misleading content

By now you’re probably aware of the recent news that Facebook has uncovered 3,000 ads that were created by roughly 470 fake accounts. It’s believed that a Russian company created the accounts and used them to buy ads in the neighborhood of $100,000 during last year’s US election. A few of them mentioned the candidates by name, while others covered more polarizing content.

Facebook has always been — and continues to be — diligent at weeding out fake accounts that distort user experience. One of their latest attempts is to fight against a tactic known as cloaking to reduce the amount of spam that shows up in News Feeds and links to low-quality pages. Cloaking is when spam sites show Facebook content moderators one thing — something that looks genuine and authentic — and users something else. The goal is to slip through the cracks and show users spam-filled content.

Facebook has launched new efforts to clamp down on this type of behavior. Facebook ads product director Rob Leathern explains, “We’ll deactivate their ad counts, we’ll kick them off, we’ll get rid of their Pages.” Their fight against spam includes a combination of people power and machine learning.

While Facebook isn’t going to reveal the markers it uses to figure out what’s real and fake, you can rest assured that the vast majority of ads going forward are legit and authentic.



Here Are More Fast Facts About FB

Here are some fascinating numbers on a range of Facebook facts and metrics from mobile, revenue and a host of other facts to share in your presentations and wow your next dinner party guests.

  1. Every second there are 20,000 people on Facebook. This means in just 18 minutes there are 11 million users on Facebook
  2. On average there are 486,183 users a minute accessing Facebook from their mobile
  3. 79% of all users are accessing Facebook from their mobile.
  4. There are 745 million daily mobile users
  5. Facebook is adding 7,246 people every 15 minutes or 8 per second
  6. Every minute there are 150,000 messages sent
  7. Every 15 minutes there are over 49 million posts. To be precise 49,433,000 or 3 million posts per minute
  8. There are 100,000 friend requests every 10 minutes
  9. There are 500,000 Facebook “likes” every minute
  10. Facebook generates $1.4 million in revenue every hour
  11. Nearly  73% of Facebook’s ad revenue comes from mobile advertising
  12. Facebook earns $2.5 billion a quarter from mobile advertising
  13. People share 1.3 million pieces of content on Facebook every minute of every day
  14. In November of 2014the number of video uploads to Facebook exceeded YouTube video uploads according to Social Bakers
  15. Facebook generated $12.47 billion in sales in 2014 (a rise of 58% year on year)
  16. Photo uploads are 350 million per day
  17. Users spend 21 minutes per day on average on Facebook
  18. 31% of US senior citizens are on Facebook
  19. 66% of all millennials (15-34 year olds) use Facebook
  20. People spend 927 million hours a month playing Facebook games
  21. There are 1 billion mobile app links enabled on Facebook