Killer Solo Ad Cheat Sheet

Helping you be informed so you don't get ripped off!


Select a great offer

Remember the solo ad is not going out to your own audience. Therefore they may not be receptive to the ad. By selecting a great offer, the likelihood of converting this cold traffic is greatly increased. Look for low refund rate, a lot of sales, and high average sale.

(Above all those is, a offer having a great funnel, or at lest a funnel of some kind)

Tracking your links

You want to track your links to monitor open rates, opt-ins, sales and quality of traffic. Also helps to know where the clicks are coming from.This is essential to assess the quality of the vendor. Chose a reputable vendor Check out the reviews and results of the vendor. Ensure they can provide the solo ad when you require it. To maintain their list most vendors will only send so many clicks per day to avoid burn out of their list. Therefore they may be booked up for some days. Always enquire as to availability.

(Join Facebook solo testimonial groups)

Communicate with the vendors

Speaking with the vendors and asking questions before making a purchase is essential. Find out more information from the seller with regards to the type of list they have and what offers they have been receptive to in the past. They will also advise what sort of landing pages are more likely to convert with their list.

(Warm them up to you it helps, it makes you seem more seasoned, just dont B.S. them)

Create a converting landing page

Do not send cold traffic direct to an offer. This is your chance to persuade the audience to participate in the offer, do not let this opportunity slip away. You also get to build your own list.

(Do not get to nutty on this... KISS is the rule, use a great image, very important)

Make sure you are getting ‘tier 1’ traffic

In all probability you will be promoting an English speaking product if you are reading this cheat sheet. Therefore you will want to guarantee an english speaking audience - United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Countries outside of this list are not tier 1 and therefore there is no guarantee they will be able to read the solo ad.

(Pay little more now and have a better list later!)

Document your results

Create a document where you track the results of all of your solo ad campaigns. This way you can assess what vendors are performing and what vendors are providing value for money.

(I use a cheap dollar store address book or you can make a list on your computer. They is something about having things hand written. I have all my funnels in a note book. Am just old school and I like a hard copy back up.) 

Yea those are my excuses!

Quit losing campaigns

Because we are not in control of the list, some campaigns will fail. Be bold enough to a) move onto different vendors and b) not to give up after minor failures.


I hope this helps!

I look Forward To Your Success!




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