Warrior Forum Check List

Here are the Pro check list for the Warrior Forum, You Tube and Solo Ads

Forum Traffic Checklist - Signatures

1. To set up the signature go to WarriorForum.com

 2. Then click on USER CP

 3. On the drop down menu click on EDIT SIGNATURE

 4. You’ll see an editor appear enter the line of text and then click on the button with the world Globe - that will allow you to hyper link it to an external website so when some one clicks your link they will get taken to a squeeze page or your own product.

5. You then want to click on NEW POSTS and comment on other people’s questions adding value and trying to help them so that your link get’s exposure try answering 10 questions a day but don’t spam…


Forum Traffic Checklist - Banners

 1. You can have your own banner being displayed site wide on Warrior Forum’s website this website gets a lot of quality traffic so to start you need a banner.

 2. You can head over to Fiverr.com and get a banner designed for only $5

 3. Once you have your banner you want to go to https://payments.warriorforum.com/add-banner

 4. Simply enter the details of your banner as per the screenshot below and then choose how long you want the banner to be displayed for baring in mind it is $100 per day


Forum Traffic Checklist - Free WSO’s


1. Go to http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-forum-classified-ads/

 2. Click on the NEW THREAD button in the top left hand side - you will then be presented with an editor that allows you to create a simple page that will have a clickable link to your squeeze.

3. You should also also sell the benefits of your lead magnet on this page.

 4. If you’re new to writing pages then check out this sales page video + template: http://billyd.evsuite.com/capture-001-003/


Forum Traffic Checklist - Paid WSO’s

 1. The paid wso is similar to the free wso but instead you’ll be posting it in the WSO section

2. If you click on http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers/

 3. Then click on the shiny red button

4. I’ve included my Info Product Riches video training that will show you how to create your own paid WSO from scratch.



YouTube Traffic Checklist

 1. You will need some software that allows you to record your screen if you’re using Windows then you can use Camtasia from Techsmith or if you’re using Mac OS X you can use screenflow.

 2. Once you the tool it’s fairly straight forward to start recording the video

 3. Once you have recorded the video whether it be for an affiliate promo or a presell video or a list building video the software will automatically spit out a mp4 video file that we will be using to upload to YouTube.

 4. Simply goto YouTube.com/Upload

 5. Drag and drop your video in the browser

 6. Make sure title section has your main keyword in there

 7. Make sure the description section has your clickable link - the link you want to send traffic to as well as some content

 8. Make sure the tags section include your keywords also

 9. Optionally you can also buy some backlinks from vendors on fiverr.com or on the WF

 10. Optionally you can also inflate the views on your video by using QQtube’s service - this will inturn make YouTube send you more internal natural traffic - because it thinks your video is very popular


Solo Ad Traffic Checklist

 1. You’re going to want to find a reputable seller - use either the Warrior Forum , Solo Ads X, the list I’ve provided to you or the facebook group Solo Ads Testimonials

 2. Once you have found a seller make sure you ask them the questions I’ve suggested in the video

 3. Before you actually get traffic sent to your video you want to make sure you funnel is setup correctly - i.e you have an exit page in place, you have a congruent funnel, you have follow up emails etc

 4. Go ahead and buy traffic

 5. Also make sure you use you’re own click tracking software to find out what percentage of top tier country traffic was sent to you aswell as how much - I personally use clickmagick.com


Affiliate Traffic Checklist

 1. To Lever the power of Affiliate you will need your own product - you can watch the info product riches video I have provided to learn how to do this…

 2. Here’s the link again http://billyd.evsuite.com/capture-002-002-optimized/

 3. To get affiliates onboard you ideally want to build a seed list promote them first and then ask them to promote you back

 4. Send them a personal video

 5. Post in all the groups and jv launch calendars to constantly remind them


Email Traffic Checklist

 1. You firstly need an autoresponder service such as Aweber or Getresponse

 2. This will allow you to manage your list of prospects and customers

 3. You then want to create your own lead manget - something of value that will solve your prospects problem

 4. Once created you want to create a squeeze page using leadpages

 5. Then you want to link leadpages with your autoresponder account so when some optins in to your squeeze page they automatically join your autoresponder

 6. Then once you have setup your squeeze page, your download page and your lead magnet you want to get traffic using all the traffic sources we have spoken about in this training

 7. Finally once you start getting subscribers you want to start emailing them offers that are congruent with the reason why they joined your list in the first place


Facebook Retargeting Traffic Checklist

 1. Firstly you want to get your pixel from the Facebook

 2. Go to manage ads -> audience -> custom audience -> website traffic -> name your pixel and save

 3. Then click on the check box next to your pixel and click on actions you will then click on get pixel code

 4. Either install the code yourself or get a developer to install it for you.

 5. Once you have a couple hundred people on your retargeting you can then start running ads against this people


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