51 Traffic Sources Free/Paid

In this section I going to share with you what alot of marketers will sale you on the cheap.. why because these are the basic methods that have been in practice since the beginning of time. I still buy stuff in my niche (list building, to which I have to say I bought a product the other day for 9 bucks that had only a third of the sources, it should have been a free give away) I still buy stuff so I can spy on my competitors and make sure I dont miss any new methods in the IM world.

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1. Traffic Source - Video Sharing Sites

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You Tube            DailyMotion            MetaCafe            MySpace Videos          iPikz

2. Free Traffic - Social & Web 2.0 Sites

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3. Free Traffic -  Tutorial Sites

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Instructables        Tutorialized         Udemy    Learni.st

4. Guess Blogging - Forum Marketing

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5. Social Bookmarking - Q & A Sites

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Delicious         digg         StumbleUpon        Answers         Answerbag         Yahoo Answers

6. EBook/Document  Sharing Sites

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Slide Share     E-Book        AutherSTREAM        Free-Ebook      PDFCast

7. Free Traffic - Press Release Sites

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8. Free Traffic - Traffic Exchanges

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traffic-splash        listsurfing        ILoveHits        easyhits4u

9. Miscellaneous Free Traffic Sources

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Lets Talk About Traffic and Numbers

Making money online can be broken down to numbers.
There are important numbers all over the place, but if we really break it down to the simplest form, making money online is all about this:

Traffic x Conversion = $$$

The internet formula for success that contains only three parts. Here is how it works: conversion can be explained as EPC / EPV (Earnings-Per-Click / Visitor) and traffic is the number of visitors you get.

Say you get 100 daily visitors, and you make $1 per visitor. Put it into the formula and you get 100 * $1 = $100 per day. You are making $100/day!

Sounds simple, right?

It is, but the hard part is the implementation. The first step is one most people get all wrong: They start focusing on the traffic part too early.
If you have poor conversions, you will have traffic problems forever… However, if you focus on the conversion part first, there is really no such thing as a traffic problem. Here is why: When you have a good conversion system, you can pay for your traffic. All it requires is at that you make more money from the traffic than you spend.

Money in vs. money out.

Sounds Just Like A Business ...HUH?